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Paint Stripping  | Calcium Removal | Restoration | Soda Blasting

If you are looking for craftsmanship and COMMERCIAL GRADE finished surface, leave it to us. Our PAINT REMOVAL/STRIPPING procedure is one of the most effective surface restoration process to date. Most importantly, all abrasive we used are Biodegradable or Eco-friendly blasting media for all projects. Most importantly, all our abrasive are 100% Silica free and OSHA compliance. Without a doubt, we can remove paint, pool calcium build uprust, graffiti, bond or any other type of coating from virtually any surfaces. Our machines are mobile so we are able to bring our equipment to you, wherever you need, whenever you need. 

(All images on our website and social media are completed by Two Brothers DB).

Paul Quinn College – Dallas, TX

Commercial Grade

US Army Corps of Engineers Facility



Above all, our techniques on media blasting methods WILL NOT WARP YOUR CAR. All pricing are based on the section of the vehicle, contact us for pricing.


    Nevertheless, the media are safe to blast in areas around your home or still operational business. In particular, we can get your STEEL pieces or METAL parts to the required SSPC standard. 


    Whether cleaning or just polishing parts, our team will give you a commercial grade finish. Contact us more for information on removing contamination and chemical on U.S. Military FORGED METAL PARTS or AEROSPACE PARTS

    MUNICIPAL & Commercial

    Specializing in PAINT REMOVAL ON CONCRETE  &  ANY TOP LAYER, with minimal changes to the original surface. Whether removing parking lines, sawcut, street lanes (to bare concrete), fire hydrants, graffiti removal, public garages, municipal properties or any other machinery. As pictured above, our team soda blasted all the truss for Chipotle. Therefore, the beams are exposed with a clean finished look.


     Stevie Ray Vaughan-Jimmie Vaughan monument

    Kiest Park – Dallas, TX


    46,000 Square ft surface preparation

    Work With US

    Reputable and reliable

    PAINT STRIPPING/REMOVAL project big or small, we can help you bring back the original beauty. From commercial to automotive, we are partnered with a many different reputable companies to finish any coating or painting.

    To become our partners in surface preparation and restoration, contact us for more info.